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    This was Amy's first doll. She is a Halloween Party Girl. Amy sent a second one to her friend, Lynnette.  
    Snowflake Girl. Amy made two of these girls. She sent one to her sister Jenny.  
    Greenbay Packer Cheerleader. Amy made two of these girls and sent one to her sister Jenny who is also a Greenbay Packer Fan.  
    Red Head Girl. Amy made a second on for her friend, Crystal because Crystal is also a red headed girl.  
    A wizard. Made upon request from Michael. This one is a little unique as he is a doll with clothes added whereas the others the clothes are part of the doll.  
    Renaissance Princess.  
    Chocolate Kiss Doll #1  
    Chocolate Kiss Doll #2  
    Tina. She just looks like a Tina.  
    Rich elder lady. She started out to be a witch but didn't end up that way.  
    The Lady in Red  
    A Witch. Is it just me or does she look like Barbra Streisand