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Wizard's Tower

    Its all coming together.  
    A good view of the outside door.  
    All moved in.  
    A closer view of the bedroom.  
    Another view of the bedroom.  
    A close up of the pet dragon next to the chest  
    A wizard always has a book to read.  
    A wizard is also a good astronomer.  
    A view of the lower level.  
    A little closer view. Notice the small handmade candles on the mantel.  
    A good view of the torch on the wall and the real firewood in the fireplace.  
    Notice all the potions, spell ingredients, and scrolls on the shelves. A don't miss the skull on the mantel.  
    A view of the spell books, all hand made.

Notice the wand in the center and the feather quill in the lower left of the desk.
    And of course the wizard himself, completely handmade.